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WELCOME to the Plainfield Youth Assistance Program.

Youth Assistance Programs are a new concept in youth services intended to specifically address the needs of at-risk youth, minimize entry into the Juvenile Justice System, maximize the potential for healthy development and assist and stabilize families. As provided under Indiana Statute, Hendricks County Superior Court 3/Juvenile Court/Judge Karen Love and the County initiated the Hendricks County Youth Assistance Program. As the Pilot Program, the Town of Plainfield and Plainfield Community School Corporation joined the collaboration to initiate the program in the Plainfield Community.  

The Plainfield Youth Assistance Program (PYAP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that operates with a Board of Directors, Program Director, 2-4 Early Intervention Advocates and Volunteers.  Our first initiative is the Mentoring Component which will serve Kindergarten through 5th grade students and is intended to provide young children with adult companionship and opportunities that may not be otherwise available to them and in turn, build character and trust, self-worth, confidence, respect, responsibility, integrity, motivation, direction and enhance overall development.  

The second level of services will include youth 3 through 17 years and is designed to address the needs of both individual youth and families through an extensive cause and effect assessment of the family system.  Early Intervention Advocates (EIAs) will develop Family Action Plans with each family which will provide specifically tailored community resources to address identified needs and redirect development for support and growth of referred youth and all family members.  Families will meet weekly with their EIAs.  Data and progress will be tracked by the Advocates with changes to the Family Action Plans as needed.  The estimated length of service per family is one (1) year but may vary depending on need and progress.

Plainfield is a unique, energized, diverse and strong community that is committed to supporting the families that live here. The Plainfield Youth Assistance Program operates on the 12 Community Values of Plainfield and will strive to develop those values in all youth and families.  The Town of Plainfield is a growing and developing community and the Plainfield Community School Corporation is exceptional, offering opportunities and experiences not available in other school systems. Both the Town and school district were the first, and only to-date, in the County to support a Youth Assistance Program.  

We, the Plainfield Youth Assistance Program Board of Directors, are excited and committed to launching this program in the best interest of our community.  Thank you for becoming a part of this effort.  Together we will be able to engage those youth and their families who struggle with difficult and complex circumstances and offer assistance from a community that cares deeply about their safety and well-being.  

Plainfield Youth Assistance Program

Plainfield Youth Assistance Program