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Become a Volunteer

How to get started Volunteering

To get started, you’ll need to complete the volunteer registration form. Once your form is submitted, the Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you. All Volunteers must complete an expanded background check through Safe Hiring Solutions. Once the background check is cleared, Volunteers will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator or the Program Director.

Become a Tutor

A child’s grades can have a huge impact on how they will succeed in life. Getting homework turned in and understanding basic subjects can completely change a child’s future. PYAP helps all students with learning assistance, if needed. If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor, there are a few different ways you can help; PYAP can match you will an individual student or you can assist in a group setting.

Be a Mentor

Mentoring is about trust, genuineness, security, growth, and friendship. Mentoring is a shared relationship between an adult and a child that adds to and strengthens development. Mentoring provides relational and social opportunities not otherwise available to the youth. It’s about being connected and belonging. PYAP believes that every youth deserves to have a positive role model which he or she can trust.

What’s involved with mentoring?

Plainfield Youth Assistance Program partners a caring adult with a youth who needs a mentor. After mentors attend an orientation and training session, the Mentors are matched with a youth. The mentor and youth start by attending 6-weeks of structured mentoring in a group setting. During this time, the group is provided activities and lessons to help the Mentor and youth get to know each other, work towards developing a better relationship, and help the youth start to better understand themselves. After the 6-week structured mentoring, the Mentor and youth can meet at a PYAP scheduled activity, event, gathering or they can meet in the community.

As a mentor, you will be asked to make a one-year commitment to spending at least one hour, one time per week with the youth while you serve as a positive role model. You will not be expected to spend large sums of money. The time spent together is the most valuable to the youth.

Become a Volunteer
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As you may well know, Plainfield is a unique and diverse community across numerous categories and a community that cares deeply about the welfare of all residents and the community as a whole. The Plainfield Youth Assistance Program was created to make certain that equality in resources, resource accessibility, education, opportunities, community support, and stable and healthy development is available to all Plainfield Youth and all Plainfield families. Thank you for wanting to keep our youth safe and stable and our community healthy.

Criminal Background Checks: We will be using Safe-Hiring for Expanded Background Checks and an additional DCS Check as well. Please send me your application and use the following link to complete the background check. 9ED7-316AB961E0C4 Follow the directions, enter your email, etc., and they will send you a code to get in. Please complete both the Expanded and DCS Background Checks. I will contact you when all information has been received. Thank you!